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Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll below to view frequently asked questions surrounding PACK EXPO Connects. The FAQs have been divided up into sections to help you quickly find your answers.

Have other questions? If you are a prospective or registered attendee, send us an email at [email protected]. If you are an exhibitor and have questions outside of what is listed below, send us an email at [email protected]

checkmark  General Questions

The live event of PACK EXPO Connects took place Monday, November 9 - Friday, November 13 however the exhibits and content is now available on-demand through March 31, 2021. 

There is no registration fee for PACK EXPO Connects. Click here to sign-up and see on-demand content from the live event.

checkmark  Attendee Questions

When entering a showroom, you'll be able to view "virtual business cards" that show which representatives are available. Contact information is available in each showroom in a variety and to a variety of staff. Exhibitors are anxious to hear from you. 

Click here to create register and create your MyConnects Planner account. In order to save products, see demos and educational content all on-demand you must have an account. Sign-up is free. 

More than 2,000 live demos took place during PACK EXPO Connects. These 15-minute sessions are now available on-demand.

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Yes, a showroom at PACK EXPO Connects is like the exhibitors booth at an in-person event. As you enter the exhibitor's showroom, you have the opportunity to view a schedule of their demos that took place November 9-13 but now available on-demand. You can still obtain brochures, engage with the showroom staff (through virtual business cards), review product photos and much more! PACK EXPO Connects is only available on-demand through March 31st. 

Virtual business cards allow attendees to connect with a product expert or sales representative from an exhibiting company. Virtual business cards include a headshot, job title, brief bio and links to social media profiles, such as LinkedIn. By adding someone’s virtual business card to your planner, you’re able to access their contact information even after the live event ends.

checkmark  Exhibitor Questions

Product and Service Demos

The PACK EXPO Connects event content and exhibitor showrooms will remain available through March 31, 2021. You may choose to publish either test recordings or video assets for on-demand viewing if you wish. To do so, please view the step-by-step instruction document here

It is not possible to block any one specific individual from viewing your demos, including competitors. Any content published on your company's showroom page is accessible to any user with an active PACK EXPO Connects planner account. Please be advised that it is against the PACK EXPP Connects Code of Conduct to view a competitors demo. 

Yes! Any individual with a MyConnects Planner account who views your demo will be added as a lead for your company. It is not possible to view a demo without having an active MyConnects Planner account. 

Virtual Business Cards

Virtual business cards will allow attendees to connect with a product expert or sales representative from a packaging or process supplier (exhibitors). Virtual business cards will include a headshot, job title, brief bio and links to social media profiles such as LinkedIn.

PACK EXPO Connects participants can contact business card contacts by email or connecting on social media networks (if the contact has added a link to their profiles). Within each exhibitor's showroom, a registered attendee who is logged in to their MyConnects Planner can click the grey email icon under the contacts name to compose an email or they can click on the social icons to connect with that contact via the social network indicated. 

Yes, in order for any individual to gain access to business card contacts for any exhibitor, a MyConnects Planner account is required. Once a MyConnects Planner account has been created, business card contacts who have been activated will appear within each exhibitor's showroom page. 

Any user with a MyConnects Planner account can access their message history by logging in to their MyConnects Planner account and clicking the orange "My Chat" button. 

Lead Generation

Exhibitor show contacts can access lead information via the Map Your Show Exhibitor Dashboard or through PMMI Media Groups lead management platform, Leadworks. Learn more here

Yes, as soon as an attendee clicks to view a demo or collateral from an exhibitor's showroom they will automatically generate as a lead for that exhibitor. 

No, PMMI does not sell or rent the email list of registered attendees from any PACK EXPO Trade Show. Exhibitors interested in renting a direct mail list from a previous PACK EXPO Trade Show can request more information by emailing [email protected]