Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll below to view frequently asked questions surrounding PACK EXPO Connects. The FAQs have been divided up into sections to help you quickly find your answers.

Have other questions? If you are a prospective or registered attendee, send us an email at [email protected]. If you are an exhibitor and have questions outside of what is listed below, send us an email at [email protected]

checkmark  General Questions

PACK EXPO Connects will take place Monday, November 9 - Friday, November 13. Make sure to mark your calendar now. Click here to view the schedule-at-a-glance. 

There is no registration fee for PACK EXPO Connects. Click here to register today!

Preview Week will take place one week prior to PACK EXPO Connects, November 2-6. During this time, registered attendees can browse a complete schedule of live demos, build out and finalize their schedule and save items into their calendars (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) 

Attendee registration is open. There is no cost to attend the virtual event. Click here to register and remember to click the option to add the events you schedule to your Outlook calendar so you get reminders prior to the start!

checkmark  Attendee Questions

Yes, you can add each demo you are interested in attending to your Outlook Calendar, in fact we recommend it so that you get reminders prior to the demo. Once you add a demo to your MyConnects Planner you will also be able to connect with the exhibitor. 

When entering a showroom, you'll be able to view "virtual business cards" that show which representatives are available. Discuss products using one-on-one chat and, when desired, request a group meeting with the supplier by phone or video at a time that is most convenient for all parties, whether during or after the event. 

At any given time, an attendee can schedule a meeting with exhibit personnel by clicking "Schedule a Meeting" in the virtual business card section of the showroom. You may also access any social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) that has been added and associated with a virtual business card contact and connect outside of the established exhibit hours. 

Click here to create register and create your MyConnects Planner account. In order to save products, attend live demos and interact with exhibitors during PACK EXPO Connects, you'll need to have an active MyConnects Planner account.

Registration confirmations are sent once a day at the end of the day. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the PACK EXPO Connects team at [email protected]

More than 2,000 live demos will be taking place during PACK EXPO Connects. These 15-minute sessions include real-time group Q&A via chat.

To search by topic area and reserve your spot at these can't-miss demos, click here. Don't forget to create your MyConnects Planner account and add the demos you plan to attend to your agenda. ProTip: once you've added live demos to your MyConnects Planner agenda, don't forget to export those events to your Outlook calendar so you don't forget!

Yes, a showroom at PACK EXPO Connects is like the exhibitors booth at an in-person event. As you enter the exhibitor's showroom, you have the opportunity to view a schedule of their live demos that will take place November 9-13, obtain brochures, engage with the showroom staff (through virtual business cards), review product photos and much more!

Live 1:1 chat will allow attendees to talk directly with exhibitors during dedicated event hours. If an attendee can't catch an exhibitor during the event hours, Virtual Business Cards will help foster those connections even after the event's conclusion. 

Yes - your chat history will be saved in your MyConnects Planner and will be easily accessible. 

checkmark  Exhibitor Questions

Purchasing A Virtual Showroom

PACK EXPO Connects will take place Monday, November 9 - Friday, November 13, 2020.

To view Virtual Showroom package pricing and to reserve your Virtual Showroom for PACK EXPO Connects, click here.

To view Virtual Showroom package pricing and to reserve your Virtual Showroom for PACK EXPO Connects, click here.

Virtual Showroom packages must be purchased for each company you wish to have represented for PACK EXPO Connects. Affiliated listings will not be offered for PACK EXPO Connects. 

Live Product and Service Demos

Live demos are 15 minutes in length. There is a 2-minute grace period for each demo. At the 17-minute mark, the live demo will automatically cut off. 

No! You can stream the live product or service demonstration from your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop Webcam. View the Live Demo Best Practices document for tips and tricks on creating a successful live demo. 

All you need is access to a web browser (use Google Chrome for best results) and a quality internet connection. You can use your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop webcam to record your live demo. View the Live Demo Best Practices document for tips and tricks on producing a successful live demo. 

Yes! You can upload a pre-recorded demo (10 min max) and can even have a live Q&A at the end of the pre-recorded video. The pre-recorded demo will need to be 720p and in mp4 file format. View the full spec sheet for more information. 

All virtual showroom content must be uploaded prior to Preview Week, which begins November 2. Please note that attendees will have access to view your showroom as soon as they register, thus it is suggested you upload your content and build out your showroom as soon as possible. 

Yes, exhibitors can run up to three test sessions of each live demo prior to PACK EXPO Connects. 

Up to 250 attendees can join your live demo!

Both the presenter and company representatives that are participating in the group chat during the demo have the ability to remove someone from a demo, if that attendee is causing a disruption, commenting inappropriately or if you are 100% certain that the attendee is a competitor. Keep in mind that just like an in-person trade show, a competitor could register using a fake name, email address and company name. 

The presenter will have the option to remove someone directly from the list of attendees, or by removing a comment in the group chat (which automatically removes them from the demo.) Company representatives only have the option to remove an attendee by removing their comment in the chat. Company representatives do not have the ability to view the full attendee list as this is only available on the presenters screen. 

Yes! Any PACK EXPO Connects attendee who adds your demo to their agenda or joins for any amount of time will be added as a lead for your company. 

No, automated email reminders from Map Your Show will not be sent to the attendees who register to view your live demo. Each exhibitor with proper planning could have reminder emails ready to go and just plug in the list of leads and send a reminder 10-15 minutes before their live demo is launching, inviting the attendee/lead to join. This would be up to each exhibitor to build and deploy such emails. When an attendee adds a live demo to their show planner, they can easily add the event to their Outlook calendar as well so they don't miss the scheduled demo. 

All demos and products will be organized in print, by e-mail and online using 12 major categories. See the full listing and their descriptions to aid in how to categorize your own listing(s) here.

Live Chat, Private Meetings and Virtual Business Cards

Virtual business cards will allow attendees to connect with a product expert or sales representative from an exhibiting company. Virtual business cards will include a headshot, job title, brief bio and links to social media profiles such as LinkedIn.

Each virtual business card will feature a button to initiate a chat when the exhibit personnel are active and available. Exhibit personnel must be active and available for live chat during exhibit hours, which are from 10 am - 3 pm CST, Monday, November 8 - Thursday, November 12 and 10 am - 1 pm CST, Friday, November 13.  

At any given time, an attendee can schedule a meeting with exhibit personnel by clicking "Schedule a Meeting" in the virtual business card section of the Virtual Showroom. Attendees can also access any social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) added by exhibit personnel to the virtual business card and connect outside of the established exhibit hours (10 am - 3 pm CT).

No, only attendees can initiate a live chat session. 

No, only exhibitor contacts who are activated for the virtual business cards will be able to engage in the 1:1 live chat with attendees. 

No, the live chat function is in text format only. Video chats and discussions must be scheduled and initiated using your own software (GotoWebinar, Microsoft Teams, etc.) 

No, if the conversation needs to be transferred to another exhibitor personnel assigned to a virtual business card or if you need to include others in a group conversation, it is suggested to schedule a follow-up meeting using your own programs (GoToMeeting, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

In the event that a virtual business card contact is deactivated, any attendee who had added that contact to their agenda (by favoriting them) will no longer see that contact in their MyConnects Planner account. Any conversations between an attendee and exhibitor will be archived in their respective MyConnects Planner accounts, even if the exhibitor contact has been deactivated. It is not best practice to activate and deactivate contacts for the business cards during the week of the event. If you do take this route, be sure to exchange contact information at the beginning of the conversation so that an attendee can at the very least reference back to that message and find the contact information of the rep they were chatting with. Chat conversations via the virtual business cards are text chat only and it is good practice to use that opportunity to schedule an offline meeting with prospective customer to have a more in-depth conversation. 

Attendees will not be able to initiate a live chat with an exhibitor contact they had previously been messaging if that contact is deactivated. If and when the exhibitor contact is activated again, the attendee would be able to pick up the conversation where they left off and that contact would again show within their list of favorited contacts. 

No, all conversations (for both the attendees and exhibitor contacts) are archived in their MyConnects Planner account. Attendees and exhibitors can reference back to any previous conversations they had, even if they are deactivated. It is good practice to exchange contact information early on in the conversation during the live 1:1 chat via the virtual business cards, in case the exhibitor or attendee needs to reference back to that information. Exhibitors will have as a lead the contact information of each attendee that engages in the 1:1 chat option with a rep via a virtual business card. 

Lead Generation

Yes, as soon as an attendee adds a demo or collateral from an exhibitor's showroom to their MyConnects Planner they will automatically generate as a lead for the exhibitor. 

Yes, Exhibitors will have immediate access to attendee contact information once they add a live demo to their agenda via the MyConnects Planner. Lead information will be available via the Exhibitor Dashboard and through LeadWorks. 

No, PMMI does not sell or rent the email list of registered attendees from any PACK EXPO Trade Show. Exhibitors interested in renting a direct mail list from a previous PACK EXPO Trade Show can request more information by emailing [email protected]