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Customer Invite Program

Become a Part of the Customer Invite Program

The Customer Invite Program that is such an integral part of any PACK EXPO event, is returning for PACK EXPO Connects.  Now more than ever we want to offer exhibitors a means to connect with your customers and prospects and offer trackable links to offer them registration to the event.

The program is again powered by Nvytes, a leading innovator of the technology to allow you to reach your contacts through various channels.  Nvytes makes it easy to share your personalized link and offers a full set of customized pre-show marketing materials you can utilize with your customers and prospects.  This service is 100% complimentary to you, allowing you to invite an unlimited number of customers and prospects to attend the event. Your only limitation is the size of your database!

Win a Gift Card and the Attendee Mailing List

Participate in the Customer Invite Program and you can be eligible to win! Just by using these valuable, customizable marketing tools, not only are you reaching your contacts with a personalized invitation, but you will be eligible to win a gift card based on number of registrations received.  In addition, the top winner in each of the six showroom categories will receive a one-time use of the post event attendee mailing list! See details below.

1st Place:  $100 Gift Card + Attendee Mailing List

2nd Place:  $50 Gift Card

3rd Place:  $25 Gift Card


For assistance with the Customer Invite Program reach out to your CIP Account Manager:

Nicole Sperry

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (949) 391-6633

Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm PDT (Monday – Friday)


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